Good wine never disappoints!

We have been convinced of this for the fifth season. Since 2010, when we first introduced our wines to the Czech market, we have been bringing joy to women and men who believe in the beneficial effect of wine on our health, not to mention our good mood. Wine is simply a gift and a good gift!

Gift wrapping and branding options for companies

Traditionally, we offer wine gift wrapping either in paper (cardboard) boxes or in elegant wooden boxes. At the same time, we offer companies various branding options.

Why wine from Gotberg?

In the Gotberg winery's collection there is something for everyone - from dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet and straw wines.

Gotberg offers mainly quality white wines with a distinctive character. Many of them have won medals at prestigious competitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. All the wines were made from healthy grapes grown in our own vineyards on five vineyard lines Panenský kopec, Svidrunk, Sonberk, Stará hora and Unédy in the village of Popice near Hustopeče.

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Why wine from Gotberg?

How to order

We always handle wine orders with branding individually, so please use one of our contacts.


U Sadu 394
691 27 Popice
okres Břeclav
GPS: 48°55’58″N, 16°40’15″E

Terms and payment


    The customer chooses wines from the current offer of the winery. The number of bottles in a batch is limited. The Gotberg winery will provide the customer with information on the varieties and batches, in what volumes and at what price they can be ordered.


    We deliver in quantities of one carton (6 pieces). The price is indicated in the price list, we provide a discount for larger volume purchases.


    After a binding order, the pre-agreed number in individual batches is reserved for 14 days


    A 50% advance payment is required before delivery of a larger number of wines.


    Delivery date is within 5 working days of order confirmation sent in writing by email to If the order includes the delivery of special labeling or special packaging, the delivery time is extended by the delivery of these components. Shipping is free when shipped to one location.